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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Surrounded by beauty, wonder and luscious greenery, and paired with a wholesome programme that explores every learning area possible, Open Book take you and your children on little adventures towards discovering talents, abilities and enhancing skills.


Open Book focuses on creating an imaginative environment for learning, allowing the little learners to unleash creativity and inventiveness that will take them towards independent learning.

We believe that every child is a unique individual, and have the capacity and capabilities to be brilliant if given the chance and resources. We ensure that our little learners' learning journeys are engaging, inspiring and nurturing.


With experience in both the local and international learning environments, our activities are crafted to provide diversely flavourful, rich and authentic learning experiences for all our little learners.

Our Vision

To provide children with the rights to independent learning that is engaging, inspiring and nurturing. ​


Help students build their self-confidence by pushing them out of their comfort zone


Foster a sense of empathy and care for students towards their peers


Build student’s vitality through physical activities


 Boost students’ perseverance by challenging them holistically


Tap into students’ creativity and allowing them to open to new experiences


Students learn how to be independent by encouraging and allowing them to self-assess


Cultivate a nurturing and positive attitude to learning

Our Mission

To build an independent and resilient learner who believes that SUSTAINability is the road to success. 

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our People
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