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Our Curriculum

Preschool Enrichment Programs


Our Curriculum

A preschool enrichment program that is carefully crafted to work around the different learning domains that are vital for the children’s early years of learning and development. Learning will be facilitated by our passionate groups of early years educators, using the fictional and non-fictional elements present in the bespoke yet diversified environment. 


The environment will further ignite the children’s love for mother nature as the curriculum creates opportunities to learn beyond the classroom environment. Sustainability will be our key element of learning as the topics learned will dominantly evolve around sustaining the earth for their future. 

Toddler Pixies

Pixies At Play

The Pixies At Play is a magical program for 18-month to 3-year-olds (adult accompanied) that incorporates thematic-based learning experiences. Explore new adventures daily with your little pixies and allow them (and yourselves) to discover challenges and solutions through a variety of curated activities.

Learning Experiences:
Artistic Expression
Five Senses
Musical Wonder
Storytelling & Drama 

Junior Elves

Junior Elves

The Junior Elves is a preschool enrichment program for 3 to 6-year-olds that incorporates thematic-based learning experiences. Run around with the Junior Elves and explore more than just the great outdoors. Children will be exposed to their individual creativities as we keep them as close to their imaginations as worldly possible.

Learning Experiences:
Visual Arts
Natural Sciences
Leisure Cooking
Performing Arts

Fantasy Feys

Kindy Feys

Fantasy is a Speech & Drama program for 3 to 6-year-olds that nurtures and strengthens children’s self-confidence, creative imagination, and maturity in communication skills. By participating in unique drama experiences, children are motivated to think creatively and independently, problem solves, and develop interpersonal skills!

Learning Experiences:

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