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Learning Environment

Holistic Learning

Open Book is dedicated to providing an authentic experience while reigniting the love for nature. Our little learners will not only learn through play but also be immersed within a green environment of beauty, wonder and adventure. 


With a dedicated water play area,  playground, endless waves and luscious greenery, Open Book bridges magic with nature, providing a unique enrichment experience for our little learners.

Love For Nature

Holistic Learning
Enhanted Tree

The Magical Experience

Our little learners will have a magical time upon arrival as they will gather at our enchanted tree for their circle time at the start and end of each session. The custom made talking enchanted tree will welcome them to the enchanted forest and will be surrounded with mushroom stools for the children. Every thought is put in to ensure that the children feel safe and continue to learn in a non-intimidating fantasy environment.

Once Upon a Time is also a royal magical playground with lots of other props including a stage for the children and a runway and many various chambers. The learning experience is fully thought through to ensure the development of the social and emotional intelligence of our little learners.

Enchanted Tree

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