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Tiny Adventures

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Embark on an epic journey with Tiny Adventures:

an immersive creative workshop for children aged 2 - 6.

Learn music, movement, and drama through interactive storytelling

and creative games led by our incredible performer-teachers!

Trial Classes:


10 to 11 AM

The adventure begins..

Each tiny adventure is based on a unique theme, and will develop your child’s confidence, self-expression, and artistic skills, all in an activity-packed 60 minutes that is sure to be a blast! 


Who are tiny adventures for?

The Dreamers:

In this class for young ones aged 2-3, our dreamers will go on an adventure that will let them imagine the world! This workshop focuses on developing creativity and expression through movement, games, and song.


The Explorers:

For children aged 4-6, we will challenge the curiosity of our explorers and lead them through wonderful stories across different lands. This workshop focuses on helping children become comfortable in articulating their ideas.

Embark on different adventures each week!

Are you ready to embark on Tiny Adventures?

Get your license NOW!

Epic Adventurer’s License / S$650
Valid for 12 adventures

Designed to cover all of the performing arts:

music, dance, and theatre.

Including 6 free play sessions!

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Rookie Adventurer’s License / $350
Valid for 6 adventures

Including 3 free play sessions!

Enjoy another 1-hour fun, magical, and delightful time

only at our "once upon a time" playground!

Join our Trial Classes!

Contact Us!

Meet The

Strawberries Inc. specializes in creating immersive experiences with storytelling, gamification, and characters. They believe in pushing theatre off the stage to create memorable and meaningful events.

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